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Pre-Law Program makes dreams come true!


Career and Technical Education is an excellent academic choice for any student.  The industry of Mobile County and the Gulf Coast Trade lends itself to the employment opportunities of graduation students.   Technical Education tend to be thought of as a place for students who already know exactly what they want, but it can also be a good place for learners who are less sure of their career path.


Many students pursuing trade school training are very young, having skills specific to a single trade doesn't have to keep them in a box.  For students who are unsure of what they want to pursue past high school, trade schools enable them to find early employment and pursue their passions at their own pace.


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Staff Directory

Chambliss, Ginger
Inspiration Elementary
Gardner, Jonathan
Guidance High School
Taylor, John
Guidance High School
Threadgill, Chersal
Inspiration School District

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Career Tech News

Students playing soccer
Summer sports are in full swing and heating up

Sports, sweat, and heat make a great combination to build character.

Wed Mar 03 02:43 PM

DI Sea Lab Sponsors Honors Group

The Dauphin Island Sea lab adopts Guidance High School Honors Program

Fri Jan 15 12:46 PM

stop sign bullying
It's Bullying Prevention Week in ISD

Schools are working with the Mobile County Coalition Against Bullying to encourage students around the county that “Bullying Ends With Me.”

Fri Aug 28 08:54 AM

Students with awards
Technology Services Students Win Big

Technical Services students win statewide competition

Fri Aug 28 08:53 AM

teachers with awards
Inspiration Schools one of 12 in national program

Head Start is a federal program within the US Department of Health and Human Services which provides a variety of services to low-income families for early childhood education, nutrition, parent involvement and more.

Fri Aug 28 08:50 AM

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